Friday, August 20, 2010

A Purple Ball Like Lilly's

Lilly's owner brought Strider a purple ball like Lilly has.

He loves to play with it!

This morning, while I was sitting and hand sewing, Strider kept bringing me that ball and dropping it in my lap. Most of the time, it rolled off my lap and he went and brought it back.

He wants me to play with him.
 He has never dropped anything in my lap before. 

He  wants me to take it.
Then he wants me to roll it for him.

If I refuse to take it from him....

And since it rolls off my lap....he just drops it in my chair!
Doesn't he have The Look?

Like a with me, play with me!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Silly Strider!

He bumps into things because he can't see over the bowl!
Strider likes to carry one of his water dishes around.
He must not be thirsty!

I can watch him from the cool (well, not exactly cool) comfort of my porch.

Strider is a frolicking Dog!

He is really still a puppy.

He just likes to have a good time.