Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Amazing Brown Dog!!

Strider - The Amazing Brown Dog!

This morning as I was getting dressed Strider picked up my fluffy polka dot sock and started to slink away with it (he still takes things and runs off with them).  I stopped him.."Strider, drop it!"...he just looked at me (I know he was wondering if he could get away from me before I could get to him)...."Drop it!!"  and he did.

This is not the amazing part.

I put the sock on and went to pick up the other one but it was missing.  I turned to Strider, pointed to my sock and said "Go get it. Bring it to me"  He got all excited and ran off.

Then he came back with my other sock in his mouth!!


Well, I am impressed!

He must be really smart and is hindered in his capacity only by his!