Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Strider Meets Lilly and Ruby

Left to Right: Lilly, Ruby (Striders sister) and Strider.
This was the best we could do getting the three together for a picture!
Ruby looks alot like Strider but a bit smaller and fatter.  She was as gentle and laid back as Strider is.  Even more so, I think.
Lilly and Strider
Lilly was happy to share her toys.
This was a favorite toy.
They ran and played for almost two hours.
Strider had a great time.

Next time: Pool pictures from the visit.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

This is the Face of the Guilty!

Don't YOU think he looks guilty?
Strider and I were out doing some gardening!  
I turned around to get my gloves.
Here is Strider carrying off my little Rose bush!
Here is Strider hiding behind the swing with my Rose.
Don't tell me he doesn't know what he is doing!
The first thing Adam and Eve did after eating the forbidden fruit was to HIDE.
We made a trade.  Kibbles for the Rose.
All he really wanted was the plastic plant container anyway!
All's well that ends well!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Training Strider

Training Strider to Stay.
Last training class did not go well!  He seemed to forget what he already knew.  I know it wasn't Strider because he is a smart dog.  I was not spending enough time with the training and  I had been out of town during which his  training had stopped for over a week and he missed a class.

He gets bored with STAY and chews on his leash but Oh Well, he did STAY!
The other dogs were way ahead of him in class!!
Practice Cone!  I spend a lot of time saying "No, leave it!" as I set them up.
So I have been working hard with him since his class on Tuesday.  We just started "heel" which is important to me.  And he is doing very well.  I am working on STAY also.  And back to SIT.

I have a great training yard though!
It takes an unbelievable amount of time to train a dog!!
I have a lovely view of my flowers while we work.
And he likes to train!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Down, Sit, Sit Down?

Strider did very well indeed on the Down Boy.  In fact, every time I called him, he would come to me and prompty lay down and wait for his treat.  It had nothing to do with the word Down but rather the treat he got when he did it!!  He is very smart, isn't he?

And then he seemed to forget about "Sit"!

The dog trainer was ahead of me on this one.  The following week , he told us to tell him "Down" , then "Sit" (and he had to get up and sit) and randomly give treats.  That helped.  We are also telling him to sit at odd times when  he doesn't suspect treats are in order, then give him one.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Toy-Not Really!

Strider loves the plastic pot from the rose bush I planted.  He was so silly running around with it.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Levi the Cat continuing.

Levi has Strider's attention.
Levi will now come into the kitchen when Strider is in the kitchen.  
He stands there until Strider notices him. 
The hair really does stand up on a cat's back!
Ok.  Strider is interested!
Oh, Strider wants to play!!
Kitty didn't want to play!
I was not fast enough to get a photo of Levi leaping the gate in a single bound!
another time

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cat and Dog...continuing.

Strider likes to sleep in funny places!
Levi the cat has been making a habit of checking him out.

Strider opened his eyes and the cat took off, running into a lamp which made a ruckus.
until next time

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Need You!

Just look at that face!!  He has the sad eyes thing down!

Strider watching me as I go upstairs.  By myself.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Down Boy!!

Strider likes to lay down so I think that is why he is excelling at this command!
On Tuesday Strider and I went to Dog Obedience Class.  I was amazed that there were about 30 dogs there!  Wow!   I am to work with him with a few commands.  Sit, he already knows but he does not always sit if any action is going on around him.

Down is the command I have been working on the most.  He is doing well but  doesn't lay down on command yet.  Tomorrow if no rain, we will go to the Doggy Social again.