Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Strider Meets Lilly and Ruby

Left to Right: Lilly, Ruby (Striders sister) and Strider.
This was the best we could do getting the three together for a picture!
Ruby looks alot like Strider but a bit smaller and fatter.  She was as gentle and laid back as Strider is.  Even more so, I think.
Lilly and Strider
Lilly was happy to share her toys.
This was a favorite toy.
They ran and played for almost two hours.
Strider had a great time.

Next time: Pool pictures from the visit.


  1. such beautiful dogs! love the blue ball and
    how the color pops against their gorgeous
    dark fur.

    just between you and me, the book does have
    a happy ending, but there are some really sad
    moments, too.

  2. We had a great time and Lily can't wait for the next visit.

  3. Sherry, your pictures are great!


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