Saturday, July 31, 2010

Strider and Lilly.

Lilly came to visit Strider!  
We shut them off the porch while we had tea.
She is just like Strider and sits at the gate if it's shut.
Yummy tea with Lilly's owner.
After running around in the yard they were pooped!
Lilly is just like Strider in this way too.
"Ok, says Lilly, I've had enough of this heat.  I belong inside with the air conditioning"
Are they both a bit pampered??


  1. Jeannie, I just LOVE Strider's blog. I too am a dog lover!!! I have two Bichons named Daisy and Cricket, who are the daughters we never had!! What joys they are!!

  2. What a wonderful day!!!!! Thanks for having us. Strider is a wonderful companion and you are doing a great job with him

  3. A tired dog is a GOOD dog! :)

  4. Can you believe I know a chocolate lab named Strider???? (but I'm in PA so I think he's another one)


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