Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bad Bad LeRoy Brown!

OK, so his name is not LeRoy!

But he's bad.
And he's brown.

no words necessary

What is the matter with my Dog?

He has taken to dragging clay pots (sometimes complete with dirt and quite  heavy) into the yard and chewing them up!~

This is major bad on a gardeners patio!
And not so good for my dog either.


  1. yikes! i would think that would be dangerous to
    his mouth. no idea what to tell you to do, except
    spray something that tastes terrible on all your

    thank you for the sugar fix recipe! i just need
    something when i'm feeling out of control. :)

  2. I am glad my dog is not the only destructive one out there- My Bailey loves to be with me in the garden- but does not seem to mind walking straight through plants 3 times her height- good luck!


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