Saturday, March 13, 2010

Date Night! The First Meeting.

He reminds me of my sister Kathy's dogs.  She has alot of pictures of her dogs that look like this!
Now I know why. Dogs just seem to love cameras.  
This little 5 month old male chocolate lab is  having a 'sleep-over' with us tonight.
Do you think he is going home tomorrow??
We did give him a name.  I want to name him "Sugar" (for his beautiful eyes, the color is burnt sugar) but no one is going for it.  I even mentioned  Sugar Ray , isn't he a macho boxer? 
We are calling him Strider.  Anyone know where that comes from?
So far he has done the right things.  1.  Lay around 2. Did not bolt when let off his leash 3.  Did not chase the cats, in fact other than the terror of seeing  Levi look like a deranged cat upon site of the dog, did not even pay any attention to them.

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