Saturday, March 27, 2010

We went to a Dog Park!!

Strider loved it from the beginning!  He just ran and frolicked! 
We took Strider for his first Doggy Socialization Class.  Held by Dog Trainer Dick Russell.
It is a fenced in field where the dog owners walk continuously around the field counter clockwise and the dogs run free.  It helps them be used to different people and dogs.  And all off leash.
This is an excerpt from Dick Russells web site:  " Sat., and Sunday, I conduct my Large Field Socialization Class.  If six dogs show up or if sixty show up, it matters not to me.  We turn them all loose in five and a half acres of pasture.  They run, they shoulder bump, they jump over one another, they scoot under one another, they challenge one another to play and they discover the big mud hole on the back of my property and all dive in.  They come away from the day having learned to read the dogs' language of body signals.  They become truer to the nature of the dog, which is a social creature."
Strider loved the freedom to just run and sniff everything!
He walked with other people sometimes.
Mostly, though, he just ran and ran.
All Wet Dog!
There is a small pond or mud hole in the back.  Strider loved it!  
Me and Dick Russell.  Do you see the thing I am holding?  It is a whip.  He saw me come into the field cowering behind my husband (I am terrified of unrestrained dogs!) and he came over and gave me one of his whips. He said "use it if any dog scares you".  He must have had a chuckle at me.  The dogs were not interested in me in the least!   He has them to use if necessary but I didn't see him use one.  I think the rules are anything goes except drawing blood!   But it gave me courage!  Next time, I won't need it.

Everyone heading home!  What a fun thing to do. 
Strider loved it.  I was comfortable that Dick was there "in charge".  And Strider and I begin Dog Obedience training with Dick next Tuesday evening.   The question is  "Can I be Trained?"  Time will tell all!

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  1. that's so cute! i could have used a whip
    a few times in my life.

    thank you for your wise encouragement
    on my blog.

    not throwing out any babies. :)


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