Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Walking The Dog!

Bret and Strider 'stroll', rather than walk!
I intend for Strider to be my walking companion.  I am hoping he will be an eager encouragement for me.  I  love to walk but I really like a destination which I don't have in my small  suburban neighborhood.  I need to walk for my health.
Strider stops to look around when he is with Bret.
He was not off to a good walking start!  In fact, he really didn't want to leave our yard.  He was just a reluctant walker.  I thought all dogs loved to be taken for walks.  But Marion from Dewberries took him (and me and Bret) for a demo walk.  She showed me that you just ignore the fact that he doesn't want to go. Keep walking!  He will go with you.  Hold the leash wrapped around your hand, close to the left side of your body.  And walk!  Ok , I can do that!
Strider and Bret stop to daydream on their walks!
I am on a walking mission.  Brisk and to the point.  For 30 minutes.  He has improved so much in the  3 days that we have been walking.  I started with going to the corner, past the "big barking dog" which Strider hates.   Today , we walked the full 30 minutes and he did great!  He needs the exercise too.

I have to brag.  A neighbor came out to get her paper and stopped to talk to me.  She was nice and pet him.  I kept him from jumping on her.  A big deal to me.  I DO NOT want a dog that jumps on people.  Anyway, as we talked Strider just lay at my feet until we were finished.  He did not insist on being the center of attention.  Good Dog!!

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