Thursday, March 18, 2010


Isn't he cute?
Strider learned to sit!  I decided a couple of days ago that my doggie goal for the week would be to teach Strider to sit!  I practiced morning and afternoon, pushing his little bum down and giving him a treat.
"Strider , Sit!!"
When my husband came home that night, he said "Want to see what I taught Strider?"  Sure!   He called Strider and then he said "Sit" while pointing his finger at him.    Then Strider sat down.
What???  How did he do that so easily? He said he spent 15 minutes with him the evening before! Bummer!
"I will do anything for Kibbles!"
The web site at Dewberries shows a cute puppy  and says "I will do anything for Love".   Strider will do anything for Kibbles!  He is really cute, sometimes after you have been rewarding him for "sitting".  He will just come up to you, look at you....and SIT.  He thinks he should get treats now anytime he sits!  funny dog.

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